DermaFuse is the leading facial skin innovation – technology-infused treatment that comes in contact with the skin for advanced collagen regeneration. Giving you the total skin enhancement, an all-natural looking glow that provides a stand-alone treatment to elevate the skin’s radiant appearance.
DermaFuse is a painless and needle-free facial skin treatment with no downtime after each session is completed. You’ll enjoy the benefit of an instant improvement with firmer, supple, and tight skin that is unmatched!

DermaFuse is incomparable! It has the property to rearrange the skin’s lipid bilayer to form superior microchannels. It’s the latest technology that penetrates the skin’s pores with infused treatment that has a lot of functions to make your skin look younger for long days.

Microchannels are the skin’s important bilayer. It enables the passageway of natural nutrients compounds and extracts that makes the skin more radiant and glowing like never before. Once the nutritional compounds enter our lipid bilayer, they will reseal afterward – that’s why DermaFuse has a lot of importance to make your skin’s collagen active for naturally glowing.

DermaFuse is a skin contact treatment using the technology of an electric-fusion machine. It enables your skin to be firm and healthy. It covers the feature of giving your skin rehydration for anti-aging and wrinkle correction. It reduces skin pigmentation making your appearance much lighter instantly without the wait! With DermaFuse, you’re having skin to flaunt after every session. It will benefit you with an oil-control formula and a pimple-free face. See the beautiful outcome of DermaFuse, surely you’ll be wondering how innovation in dermatology matters.